A Show of Virtues

2007 Winner: UNIMA-USA Citation of Excellence!

It’s never too early to begin showing children character traits that are most admired by society. Inspired by The Children’s Book of Virtues, Grey Seal has produced an entertaining and enlightening program of stories from around the world including “The Little Hero of Holland,” “The Tortoise and the Hare,” “Please,” and “Why Frog and Snake Never Play Together.”

A traveling salesman trundles on stage with his large battered sample case and exhibits various containers, filled with virtues. You’ll be delighted as he transforms his sample case into a puppet stage and brings each story to life. Using his wares, he demonstrates courage, perseverance, politeness and tolerance. But in the end, the salesman realizes that virtues can’t be bought; they are priceless but they have to be practiced to be earned.


"I am sure you have probably already heard this from other teachers but I wanted to let you know how absolutely outstanding Drew Allison was today!! That program he presented to the children was phenomenal!! He totally captivated the children and they were so intent on what he was presenting to him. It is so obvious that he has a passion for what he does...you can see it on his face and in his eyes. I so wish you could have seen it... as it has to be one of the very best experiences we have had in quite some time!!"

Marcia Parnell, Teacher

"Just wanted to let you know that Drew's show today was WONDERFUL and really there aren't words to describe how we all felt about it. The children were mesmerized the whole time!!! What a special person he is!"

Martha Mallory, Resource Teacher